Disentis Official Downhill

The official downhill mountain bike route. It's classified as a red route. Taking the gondola at Disentis, this ride will be approximately 13km with about 620m ascent and 1250m of descent. It will take about 2.5 hours.



Total distance: 14.95 km
Max elevation: 1982 m
Min elevation: 1180 m
Total climbing: 1258 m
Total descent: -1252 m
Total time: 02:30:26

Disentis Black Piste MTB Route


This is a quick "up the gondola and down the hill" ride. One catches the gondola and then rides pretty much down the back ski piste. It's steep with lots of rocks and rubble, and is about 8km of riding with 1000m of descent.



Total distance: 9.98 km
Max elevation: 1978 m
Min elevation: 1181 m
Total climbing: 1011 m
Total descent: -1012 m
Total time: 01:39:01

Disentis to Castrisch

This is a fun ride cycling down from Disentis to Castrisch, where one can catch a train back to Disentis. Pretty views, easy riding along small roads and gravel tracks. Pack a picnic and enjoy! The total distance is about 39km, with 840m of ascent and 1330m of descent. The biking aspect of the journey takes about 4 hours. 

Total distance: 38.4 km
Max elevation: 1194 m
Min elevation: 690 m
Total climbing: 840 m
Total descent: -1333 m
Total time: 04:10:29

The Rheinschlucht

Riding along the Rheinschlucht. Great views of the Rhein gorge as one cycles along the river. There are some narrow parts, but it's a good loop. Start at Illanz and enjoy a 18km loop with 500m of ascent & descent over 3 hours. One can drive to Illanz or catch the train.


Total distance: 18.62 km
Max elevation: 791 m
Min elevation: 648 m
Total climbing: 521 m
Total descent: -521 m
Total time: 02:52:05